Picture Keeper Mobile App

The Picture Keeper Mobile app provides a simple, easy way to wirelessly backup the photos on your mobile device to your computer. The PK app is the perfect companion to your Picture Keeper USB drive or can be used alone to ensure your mobile photos are never left to chance.

Step 1: Download and run our Free Mobile Helper on your computer. The Mobile Helper is required for the Picture Keeper App. It is a program that assists in the transfer of pictures from your smart device to your computer.

Step 2: From your mobile device, download the app from the iTunes Apps Store for your iPhone/iPad, the Google Play Store for your Android device, or Windows Store for your Windows 8 mobile device.

Step 3: Next install the free Mobile Helper onto your computer. Click here to download.

Step 4: Launch the Picture Keeper mobile app and click Start Backup.

(Note: Make sure your mobile device and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.)

The Picture Keeper Mobile app can protect your video files as well. Just choose “More Options” within the app, select “Add Video Clips” and switch the toggle to the “On” position. (Only eligible with Apple and Android products)

Whether you’re getting a new phone or just for peace of mind, make sure your pictures are safe with a secure, trusted backup solution from Picture Keeper.

For additional help installing the app, click here.

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Picture Keeper Mobile App