Share your pictures via e-mail or FaceBook V4

webadmin admin123 posted this on Oct 25, 2016

Share you pictures via e-mail or Facebook

How do I share photos via email and Facebook?

You can use the Picture Keeper to share photos via e-mail and Facebook.

  1. From the start screen, click View & Print Pictures.

  2. Open a folder to display your pictures.

  3. Select single pictures by clicking to highlight a picture. To select multiple pictures, hold the Ctrl(Win)/Cmd(Mac) key on your keyboard while selecting pictures. Sharing via email is limited to 5 pictures per email.

  4. Click Print and More to Share, Make prints or play a Slideshow.



Select Email or FaceBook.

  1. To share by email, enter the recipient’s email address. You can share with multiple people at once by entering multiple email addresses, separated by a comma (,

  2. You can customize the email subject line and add a personalized message if you wish.

  3. Click the Share button to send.


To share on your Facebook page.

  1. Click Sign In.

  2. After signing in to your account, select an album from the drop-down menu, or check the box to create a new album.

  3. You can customize the name of the folder, and a description of the pictures if you wish.

  4. Click the Share button to start uploading to Facebook.


If you need any assistance, please contact support.