What happens if my battery level is too low on my mobile device?

posted this on May 26, 2016

Low battery level on a mobile device

In general, it is recommended that you have at least a 50-100% battery level before starting a backup.  If you have a large number of photos to back up, it is better to have a full charge.  If your battery level drops to a low level while backing up, you can cancel the backup and start again after the device has been charged to 50% or higher battery level.


This acts like a "pause" in the backup.  The app will do a full search again, but will carry on backing up where it left off.  Once the initial backup is complete, future backups should not take nearly as long and should not drain the battery.


  1. Charge the battery.

  2. Run the Picture Keeper Connect app and start a backup.

  3. Monitor the battery life.

  4. If the battery level drops to 10-20% battery life, click the Cancel button.  This will stop the backup, but the app will remember what files have been backed up. 

  5. Double tap the Home button and swipe/close the app. Do not unplug the PK Connect drive before closing the app.

  6. Now remove the Picture Keeper Connect drive and recharge the battery.

  7. Run the Backup again.  It will continue where it left off.



If you need any additional assitance, please contact Picture Keeper support.