How do I View My Pictures?

posted this on Sep 17, 2015

There are two ways to view your pictures. 

Option One

  • Launch the Picture Keeper software.
  • Press the View and Print Pictures button

Make sure your Picture Keeper looks like the one above. If it doesn't, see our article on Updating your Picture Keeper. 

The computer name is displayed at the top level by the small blue icon. Click the arrow/triangle beside a folder to open sub-folders. 

There may also be a folder listed as "More".  External drives (i.e. drive F:) that was backed up are found here. 

Drive C: is also displayed here but they are NOT duplicate pictures.

You can delete pictures using the small trashcan icon. Only pictures can be deleted from Picture Keeper using the trash can at the bottom of the window, not folders.


Option Two 

You can also use the Picture Keeper to view, share, or delete photos as if it were a normal USB storage drive by plugging in the Picture Keeper to your computer.