After upgrading to Photos, Picture Keeper does not find new pictures during backup. (Mac)

webadmin admin123 posted this on Jul 29, 2016

Picture Keeper is not finding new picture after upgrading from iPhoto to Photos.

If your Picture Keeper is not finding all of your pictures after upgrading from Apple iPhoto to Photos, it is possible that the upgrade produced an error in your Photos Library.  You may try to repair your library by completing the following steps.


To Repair the Photos Library:

This repair will occur on the active and selected photo library, so if you have multiple libraries, make sure you switch to the one you wish to repair (the one that is not being backed up).

1. Exit out of Photos app if you have it open on the Mac.

2. Hold down Command+Option keys and re-launch Photos.

3. When the Repair Library message “You are about to repair the library “Library Name” appears in the app – choose “Repair” to start the process.

4. Let the entire process complete before interacting with Photos app.  When the process completes, the library will appear as usual.


You will see the repair progress in the “Repairing Library” status bar.  The repair could be fast or very slow, depending on the speed of the Mac and the size of the photo library. If you have a large library, it may take quite a while.


 5. When the library repairs, open the Picture Keeper and click Start Backup.