Can I use Picture Keeper with a digital frame or digital TV?

posted this on Aug 15, 2016


Most picture frames and digital TVs have USB connections. Picture Keeper drives just plug in and your pictures will be displayed.

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of television and digital picture frame models and each has it's own way of working with USB drives. We've tested our Picture Keeper drives on many different brands with great results. The Picture Keeper drive downloads your photos in the same file structure as is on your computer. Televisions and digital frames then differ in the way they can process this information. The issue lies in the "operating system" of the TV or photo frame and how it looks at FOLDERS. TVs and photo frames can have different "operating systems," even if made by the same manufacturer.

When you insert the Picture Keeper drive in the frame, does the frame display folders? The Backup folder is where the photos are stored. After opening this folder, you can navigate further to the location of the pictures that you wish to display.

Note: We recommend purchasing another Picture Keeper drive so that you can use one to display your pictures on a digial frame or TV and always keep the other one in a safe place!