Picture Keeper Connect - Mobile Device Permissions for Android

webadmin admin123 posted this on Mar 31, 2017

Some Android mobile devices require permission be granted to third party apps.

When you tap Start Backup on your Android device do you get a messsage to grant permission?

Tap OK

Tap Next

Tap Next

You will be prompted to include videos. Answer Yes or No.

Tap the Start Backup button.

If the Recent Places screen is blank, tap the 3 dots in the  top right corner


Next tap Show SD Card


Next tap the 3 menu lines at the top left.


Next tap PKBackup


Next tap Select Backup or depending on your phone Select in the bottom right corner.


Once you tap Select PkBackup or Select you will be prompted to add video clips. Answer Yes or No.

Then tap the yellow Start Backup button at the bottom of the screen to backup all pictures and videos.

Once permission is granted, you will not need to perform this operation again.