How to Use the Retouch Tool

Retouch can improve the quality of old photos and touch up imperfections. Below, you'll find a tutorial for how to use the Retouch tool. The other photo tools all work very similarly, and we encourage you to give them all a try! To access the Retouch tool, first make sure to connect your Picture Keeper Connect to your iOS or Android device, and open the Picture Keeper Connect app PKC App.jpg



  1. Tap the Tools Tools.jpg icon at the bottom of the app
    Retouch 01.PNG

  2. From the Photo Tools screen, tap Retouch
    Retouch 02.PNG

  3. Tap Select a Photo
    Retouch 03.PNG

  4. Navigate to, and select the photo you want to edit
    Retouch 04.jpg

  5. Wait for the newly retouched image to generate
    Retouch 05.PNG

  6. Use the Original and New buttons at the top to compare the before and after, and when you're done, you can either Discard or Save your new photo at the bottom.
    Retouch 06.PNG Retouch 07.PNG


**If you need any additional assistance, please contact Picture Keeper Keeper Support.