Getting Started Using Samsung Galaxy S23

Getting started with the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. This flagship S series consists of S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra. After you unbox your Picture Keeper Connect, please attach the included Keeper Connector to your Picture Keeper Connect drive first. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on the Play Store icon Google Play Store | Google Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

  2. Type "Picture Keeper Connect" in the search bar, and then click Install to the right

  3. Once it is installed, tap Open

  4. Tap on Allow

  5. Tap Agree and Continue at the bottom

  6. Tap Create Account if this is your first time using Picture Keeper, otherwise tap Sign In

  7. Once you are signed in, you will see a screen that says "No Drive Detected"

  8. Next, connect your Picture Keeper Connect to your phone using the provided Keeper Connector adapter
    PKC - Android USB-C.jpg

  9. Tap Proceed to next screen at the bottom

  10. Make sure the top says "PKBACKUP," then tap USE THIS FOLDER or ALLOW ACCESS TO PKBACKUP at the bottom

  11. Tap ALLOW to grant access for the app to access files from your Picture Keeper Connect

  12. Tap on Start Backup, and then Allow once more to start your backup!allowaccessbutton2.png

*During the backup, you can tap on "Stop Backup" at anytime and it will not undo the process.

*Picture Keeper Connect works in 2 phases after you start the backup. Phase one will search for all new pictures that has not been backed up yet. Once all the pictures that needs to be backed up are located, then it moves to Phase two, which is the copying phase.

*After you finish backing up, you will get a backup complete screen. Picture Keeper searched your phone for all pictures and created a copy of your phone pictures on the Picture Keeper Connect drive. The Pictures on your phone will still remain on your phone, until you delete them off of your phone.

*Make sure you "Eject" the Picture Keeper Connect drive BEFORE unplugging it from phone to prevent data corruption. The proper way to eject your phone varies with different Android phone models. The most common way is to swipe down your notifications bar. Scroll up until you see "USB Storage Added". Tap on the "v" next to it. Then Tap on "Unmount". Once your drive has been safely unmounted, you can unplug it from your phone.


To properly eject your Picture Keeper Connect drive to avoid data corruption, please follow these steps.


  1. Swipe down the top notification bar

  2. Scroll up and look for "USB storage added," and tap on the v to the right

  3. Tap on Unmount below "USB storage added"

  4. Once you see this page or "Drive has been ejected," you can safely unplug the Picture Keeper Connect from your phone

​​*If your phone battery dies before the backup is completed, all you have to do is charge your phone back up and restart the backup.


**If you need any additional assistance, please contact Picture Keeper Keeper Support.