How do I Reset My Picture Keeper?

Resetting Picture Keeper

If you would like to remove all the files that have been stored on a Picture Keeper and return it to its original condition, you can reset your Picture Keeper. The Reset Picture Keeper function will only remove pictures from the Picture Keeper, NOT  from your computer. Here's how to do this on both Windows and Mac using the Picture Keeper software

  • Click the Gear symbol to display the Menu
  • Click Reset Picture Keeper.

  • Enter your name or Initials in the blank field and click OK.

CAUTION: Please make sure you have another copy of your digital pictures (e.g on your hard drive C: or elsewhere) prior to resetting your Picture Keeper.

Once the reset process completes, you can start over with your fresh, clean Picture Keeper.

If you need any additional assistance, please contact Picture Keeper Support.