Backing up from online storage services (iCloud, Facebook, etc).

Nowadays, cloud storage services are becoming more and more popular. For better or worse, each and every day people across the globe are uploading and downloading hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of different data, media files, documents to and from the so-called 'cloud' servers.


If you're reading this article you are probably wondering how to back up the files from online storage services like iCloud, Facebook, Google Photos, One Drive, Flickr, Instagram, email, etc. Here is the answer.


Facebook and E-mail

If your pictures are mainly stored in Facebook albums or as attachments in your email inbox, check out the following articles on how Picture Keeper can back up these pictures for you: How To Backup Facebook Photos and How To Back Up Email Attachments.


iCloud (iPhone, iPad)

If you’re using Picture Keeper Connect on an iPhone, and the application is only finding some of your images, you may have turned on iCloud Photo library or Optimize Storage in your iPhone or iPad settings. This means that some of your pictures are not stored on your phone anymore, but are instead stored in iCloud. Continue reading...


Google Photos, One Drive, Flickr, Instagram, etc.

These are probably some of the most commonly used cloud storage services today. Unfortunately, Picture Keeper does not have access to the files stored there just yet. If you want to back up these files to your Picture Keeper, we recommend that you download the files from your cloud storage service provider's servers to an empty folder somewhere on your computer. Let's say your Desktop for example.  Then use your Picture Keeper to safely store your photos, videos, and other files.  See this article for more details.  If you download these pictures to a location other than your Desktop, check this article on Custom Search Options to make sure this folder is searched and backed up. For specific instructions on downloading your files from one of these unsupported cloud storage services to your computer, please contact the service directly for assistance.

If you need any additional assistance, please contact Picture Keeper Support.