*My iPhone / iPad is not recognizing the Picture Keeper Connect

Having trouble getting started on your iPhone or iPad?  Are you getting a “No drive detected” message in the app?  In this guide, we will help you troubleshoot.  Please follow the steps below.

Update the Picture Keeper Connect app
Before we go any further, it is highly recommended that you update to the latest version of the Picture Keeper Connect app.
• Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad
• Tap the Updates icon located in the bottom-right corner of the screen
• Check to see if a Picture Keeper Connect app update is available.

First Steps

Step 1: Compatibility – Make sure that your device is compatible with the Picture Keeper Connect product. Please check the list of supported iPhones, iPad, and iPods.

Step 2: Phone Cases – Do you have a phone case or cover that might affect the connectivity between your phone/tablet and the Picture Keeper? Any case may interfere with the connection if the cable or adapter cannot plug in all the way. Additionally, any case that includes an additional battery, like a Mophie case, will not work.  Please remove any case or cover and try again.

Step 3: Battery Level – If the battery charge on your iPhone or iPad is below 50%, please charge your device to 100% before using the Picture Keeper.  If your battery level is very low, it may not supply power to the Picture Keeper.  Keep an eye on your battery level during the backup.  If your battery level drops significantly during the backup process, please read this article to learn how to pause, recharge, and continue your backup.

Step 4: Permissions  – The Picture Keeper Connect app requires certain permissions to access the files on your iOS device. If you are receiving the error message saying that you need to grant permissions, please do the following. (Click tabs to view screenshots)

Open Settings, and select 'General'

Select 'Restrictions'

Select 'Photos'

Select 'Allow Changes'

Make sure 'PK Connect' slider is 'On' (green)

The connector seems loose

Since Apple's Lightning connector is tiny and could be easily damaged, you have to be careful while plugging and unplugging the Picture Keeper Connect from the iPhone or iPad. If the Lightning connector seems to be loose or broken, and the device is still under 1-year warranty, please contact us to get a replacement.

Still not working? Send a log file

If you're not sure what's happening with the Picture Keeper Connect app, or the issue you're having doesn't match the examples above, please send us the log files from the Picture Keeper Connect app. This will help us to see what's going on so that we can better assist in resolving the issue.

For further assistance, please contact Picture Keeper Support