*How to Find Out How Much Storage Space Photos Take Up on Android

Before buying your new and shiny Picture Keeper for Android device, we strongly recommend checking the size of pictures library/gallery on your smartphone. Most importantly, this will help you to determine the storage space of a backup device you are going to need.

Please be aware that your pictures and videos may not fit one Picture Keeper device.

How do I check?

Not all Android smartphones will have the same interface. The visual appearance of the settings shown below may be different from case to case.

If you want to know the actual storage size of all those pictures and camera shots are consuming on your Android smartphone, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper into the device settings to reveal that information. Follow along.

1. Launch the ‘Settings’ app on your smartphone.


2. Tap Storage & Backup tab.



3. Find general storage space information. It is broken down into categories. Just wait for the loading indicator to finish gathering storage info.



As you can see, the data is basically calculated precisely. Moreover, you will see a total space used by the pictures or videos in megabytes or gigabytes. If you have any questions, please contact Picture Keeper Support.