Why am I seeing an “Attention! Update Needed” Alert?

When you begin to “Start Backup” and are greeted with the “Attention!” alert, your Picture Keeper is just warning you that it needs to perform a one-time update.

Why am I seeing this screen?

Occasionally, the way your Picture Keeper communicates with the Photos app on your iPhone can cause a problem with your backup. Don’t worry, your Picture Keeper just needs to perform a one-time update to fix the problem. After you complete this update, you will not see this message again. 

Do I have to update my Picture Keeper?

Yes, in order to complete another backup of your phone, you will have to allow this update to be made. This update only needs to be done once, and will not affect future backups. 

This process can run in the background, so feel free to use your phone as needed, just be mindful of your battery levels.

If for any reason this process is disrupted, it will pick up where it left off on the next launch of the app.

What do I need to do?

Just tap “Begin.” Your Picture Keeper will begin to update itself; please be patient as this will take longer than a normal backup. Once your Picture Keeper is done updating, you’ll be brought back to the “Start Backup” screen, where you can choose to complete a backup as you normally would.

If you are short on time or low on battery, you may choose to pick the “Do Later” option. You will be brought back to the “Start Backup” screen, however, you will not be able to complete a backup until your Picture Keeper has completed this update.

Please note: This update will take longer than a normal backup. Please make sure your phone is fully charged. Thanks for your patience! 

If you need any additional assistance, please contact Picture Keeper Support.