Picture Keeper Pro is not backing up all my files. What can I do?

Customizing Picture Keeper Pro to Backup More Files

By default, the Picture Keeper Pro looks in the most likely places for photos. The searched folders are “Pictures”, “Documents”, and “Desktop”‘. These are the most common folders where pictures are stored. However, you can customize the Picture Keeper Pro to suit your specific needs.


  • Plug in the Picture Keeper Pro.
  • Start the Picture Keeper Pro program as directed in the instruction booklet.

  • Click the Search Options button.

Change the search parameters:

  • Click the main directory check box (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Public Pictures) to deselect. These must be unselected before you can select subdirectories.
  • Click the small arrows next to the folder name to open subdirectories. You can choose specific folders.
  • Click Save once you have made your selection.
  • You can also turn on the Video Option at the bottom right corner.
  • Do not check the boxes for Custom Search, Allow Duplicates or Full Backup unless instructed by your Support team.
  • These options do not have to be changed every time you use Picture Keeper Pro.

  • Click Save Settings.
  • Click Start Backup.


  • Plug in the Picture Keeper Pro to your computer.
  • Launch the Picture Keeper Pro software as described in instructions.

  • Then click on the ‘Search Options’ button from the left sidebar.

Change the search parameters:

  • Now, please find the name of your Mac in the next window and click on it.

  • You will see the folder structure of your Mac.
  • Uncheck them all and select only those folders that contain your pictures. Main folders like Desktop will find all subfolders and their pictures.
  • You can open the main folders like Desktop by clicking the small arrow to the left. This will display subfolders. You can choose specific subfolders by unchecking the main folder then clicking the subfolder.
  • Take a look at your ‘ Search Summary’ to be sure the correct folders have been added.

  • Click Save Settings.
  • Click Start Backup.

Choose What to Back Up

Include more picture file types:

By default, Picture Keeper Pro searches for .JPG and .JPEG image files. To include other popular image file types, place a check in the box for More Pictures (TIFF, TIF, GIF, BMP, PNG, RAW).  Please keep in mind that some of these formats are much larger than JPG files, and may fill up your Picture Keeper quicker when including them in the backup.

Include Video Clips:

To add your camera’s video clips, place a check in the Video Clips checkbox on the main screen of the software. Please be aware that video files can be much larger than typical picture files Your Picture Keeper drive may fill up sooner when backing up videos.

Keep in mind that by default Picture Keeper will only search the folders where videos are most likely to be stored.  If your videos are in a different location, you will want to customize your Picture Keeper Pro to search the appropriate folders to find videos as described above.

Other File Types:

To backup other picture file types or documents, place a check in the Custom Search checkbox and enter the file extension in the search field (.PDF, .RAW, .PSD, .DOC, .XLS, etc.).  Using Custom Search, you can back up any file type!

When using the Custom Search option, Picture Keeper will only search for these specific files.You will also need to include picture file types if you want it to continue to back up pictures. Add .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, etc. to the list

Include Small .jpeg and .jpg files under 50KB:

Clipart, iTunes Album Covers, and Internet Logo pictures are usually 50KB or smaller. By default, Picture Keeper will ignore those .JPG and .JPEG files under 50KB. However, any clipped or modified pictures can be 50KB or smaller. Picture Keeper can be customized to find and download these smaller pictures. Just click to uncheck the box next to Exclude Files Under 50kb to include these pictures in the search and backup.

CDs, Network Drives, External Drives smaller than 80GB:

CDs and external drives smaller than 80GB will be displayed in the Where to Search window. These can then be selected and pictures will be downloaded to Picture Keeper. Networked drives will also be displayed in the Where to Search section if already network connected. Instructions for connecting a Network drive can be Googled.

If you need any additional assistance, please contact Picture Keeper Support.