*Completing a Manual Backup ("Uh Oh" Message is Showing)

If you've completed step 1 as described in the FAQ page. You're almost done with backing up your mobile photos. Now, what you need to do is just finding a computer, and connect your Picture Keeper Connect drive on to the computer.

Step 2- Copy mobile photos via Desktop App

If you're a Windows user, try to launch the LaunchPictureKeeper.exe file from your drive; If you're a macOS user, try the PictureKeeperForMac file instead.

Once you've launched the desktop software, you will be able to see the little gear icon at the top right corner of the window. Click on it, and in the popup menu, choose Copy Mobile Photos.

You will be asked to enter the same user name and password which you've used to login to your Picture Keeper Connect Mobile app. Just enter them in the popup and then click Copy from Mobile.

With a few minutes, the photos from your mobile devices will be saved onto your Picture Keeper Connect drive. You will be able to browse your photos using the View & Print button which can be found at the middle left of the Picture Keeper software.