Sign in with AOL using app password


Picture Keeper needs you to create an app password in your AOL account in order to search and backup your e-mail attachments from AOL. You will need to use this specific password to sign in to your AOL account within the Picture Keeper (Pro) software.


The app password is similar to a temporary password, those who have the app password will have access to your e-mails, but the access can be revoked easily without impacting your access to your AOL account.


Picture Keeper (Pro) software will only save this app password on your own computer, which means we won't have access to your e-mails.


Create an app password


Follow this link and go to the "Account Security" page of your AOL account, sign in to your AOL account if you haven't.



Click on "Generate app password" and you will be presented with the "App passwords" popup.



Choose "Other App" and then input the name of the app (e.g. Picture Keeper) in the "Enter custom name" input field, then click "Generate".



Save your app password in a safe place, we will need it in the next step.


Use the app password in Picture Keeper (Pro)


To search and backup e-mail attachments from your AOL account, please click on the "Email" button under the large "Start Backup" button.


In the "Select Email Provider" popup, please click on the dropdown list and choose "AOL", then click on the "Sign in with AOL" button.



Then input your email address and the app password in the "Login" popup, click on the "Login" button to sign in to your AOL account.


You will also be presented with a few more options to customize the e-mail search, save all the changes when you finishing the configurations.


Go back to the home screen and click on the large "Start Backup" button to start downloading your e-mail attachments onto your Picture Keeper drive.