3 Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer is the best! The kids have so much fun being outdoors exploring and swimming and playing with friends. Eventually, there does come a day when the kids yell “Mom, I’m bored!” That’s when you know it might be a long day ahead. To help break their boredom, we’ve gathered a few fun DIY crafts from Pinterest that the kids will love. They’re fun, summery, and an easy way to entertain!


Pineapple Cone

This cute craft is incredibly simple and cute! Gather your supplies:

  • Pinecone
  • Yellow paint
  • Paint brush
  • Green construction paper
  • Scissors

Next, clean off your pinecone, then coat the tips with yellow paint (don’t worry about making the entire pinecone yellow). From there, take the green construction paper and cut out zig zag strips that look like grass! Curl the tips and make wrap them where the curls face outward – tape the bottoms! Insert the green construction paper in the top of the pinecone and you’re done!!

pinecone pineapple craft

Pool Noodle Boats

This is the perfect craft for the kid that wants to be in the pool all day long! Plus, it’s super simple. Supplies:

  • Pool float
  • Straw
  • Foam Sheet
  • Scissors

First, an adult needs to slice the pool float with a knife in about a 2-3 inch piece. Make as many as you want! Next, cut the foam sheet into triangles with two holes at the bottom. Place the straw through both of the holes, and then place it through the float. With those quick steps, you now have your child’s entertainment for the rest of the day as they watch it float!

pool noodle boat craft

Paper Plate Jellyfish

Kids get really crafty with this painted jellyfish! They get to use their creativity and have a cute sea creature to add to their art collection. Supplies:

  • Paper Plate
  • Paint
  • Glue / Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

paper plate jellyfish craft


To get started, hand your craft child the paper plate and pain and let them get creative! You can add embellishments, such as jewels and glitter, to make it truly their own. Once they’ve painted the plate, take it and cut it out to look like a jellyfish – it’s really just taking half of the plate and instead of cutting a straight line down the middle, make it wavy. From there, flip the plate over and add various lengths and style of ribbon to the back using glue or tape. Once that’s complete, add eyes to the front of the jellyfish with either white and black paper or more paint! Add a little ribbon at the top for hanging and you’re done!

With these easy DIY crafts in mind, it’s time to get your kids creativity rolling! Be sure to take plenty photos of their creations and back up the summer memories using Picture Keeper.