Last Minute Family Christmas Card Tips

The holidays are often controlled chaos: among the pandemonium of gift shopping, decorating the house, and shoveling the driveway for the fifth time you may have slacked on sending out the yearly Christmas card. If it’s December and you have yet to order your family cards, don’t fret! Christmas e-cards are a great way to send those last minute holiday cards without the stress.

E-cards have made huge strides in the last decade, ensuring that your family and friends can enjoy a recent photo of your family and the magic of a wintry landscape on their favorite devices. Choose between one of these websites to make sure you’re not sending late Christmas cards:

Paperless Post

Unlike many other sites, Paperless Post allows you to choose between sending an e-card and a traditional card via mail. Paperless Post not only has a great spread of designs for Christmas cards to choose from: they also have templates for holiday invitations and holiday cards for businesses to send out.

There are many options to tweak the card to your heart’s desire: you can adjust the envelope color, the inner lining of the envelope, the font, and the writing used on the outside of the envelope. Your family won’t even realize you didn’t send the cards through the mail yourself!


If you’re a true artiste you’ll love the craftsmanship and attention to detail on display in the holiday e-cards from Ojolie. Each card is hand painted and animated to leave an indelible impression on everyone who receives it. Spread the love of Christmas while showing off your taste for art and design!

A free account on Ojolie allows you to send any of the cards in their free collections without spending a penny. Of course, some of their most mesmerizing cards are only available with a subscription. But at $12 for an entire year and no limit to the amount of e-cards you can send, a membership is still a great deal.


Similar to Ojolie, Punchbowl has many Christmas e-cards that are available completely free, and others that require a membership. Typically, the ones that cost money allow you to include photos and grant you greater customization. There are multiple tiers of membership, with the most affordable tier only costing $1.99 per month.

When you order a holiday e-card from Punchbowl you can modify the envelope color, inner lining, postage, and the typography on the cards you select. Their designs run the gamut from subtle, spiritual designs to vibrant, bright cards packed with Christmas imagery. No matter which card you pick you’ll be surprised at how easy the process is!

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