Saving Facebook Photos with Picture Keeper

So many of us today rely on Facebook to save our photos and share our favorite photos with family and friends. But what if your friend deletes her Facebook, and all those photos you were tagged in are gone? The good news is this doesn’t have to happen to you, and Picture Keeper can help you save your memories.

Picture Keeper, which is compatible with iPhone and Android devices, allows you to download all your Facebook pictures directly from your phone. The best part is that you can upload these pictures quick and easy, leaving you with peace of mind. Check out below how to get started:

1. Launch Picture Keeper on your PC and Mac and check to see if you have any updates to install (this will come up automatically).

2. Once you have launched the program click on “Facebook” below the “Start Backup” button.

3. Enter in your Facebook login info.

4. From there you will be prompted to select which albums you would like to backup. You can select as many or as few albums as you would like. If you want to backup all your tagged photos, be sure to keep the box checked below the listing of your albums.


5. You will return to the main menu where you can select “Start Backup,” and your photos will immediately start to back up.

6. That’s it! You can then view your photos and then select to view them and share with family and friends, and more!


Tell us your experience with using Picture Keeper on social media! We’d love to hear from you!