Tips for a Beach Trip with Children

Planning a beach trip with small children can be a challenge! You want the children to be happy, but you also want to spend this time relaxing and enjoying the company you’re with the best you can. If you’re planning a beach trip this summer, we have several tips you should consider before heading to your favorite sandy escape!

Make a packing checklist

It’s difficult enough to pack for yourself, but packing for the whole family is a daunting task. Don’t tackle this on a whim! Instead, take the time to create a packing checklist of all the items your children will need. This will ensure you don’t forget any of the essentials. And if you do forget something, don’t worry! There are always places to shop at the beach and get what you will need.

Preparing your phone

Ok, this might sound silly to a lot of you, but preparing your phone makes life so much easier before going on any vacation. How exactly do you do this? You use Picture Keeper Connect! Picture Keeper Connect is a simple backup device that you can plug directly into your smartphone and backup photos, videos, and contacts. From there, you are able to clear space on your phone to make room for more memories! This is perfect to prepare for vacation because it:

  1. Clears up space on your phone to take more photos & videos
  2. Safely stores your contacts in case of an emergency on the trip
  3. Backs up your new photos from vacation, while skipping any duplicate photos

Choose where you stay with the children in mind

Deciding on the perfect hotel, resort, condo, or wherever to stay is fun, but also challenging! While you want somewhere cost-efficient, you want it to be nice and also kid-friendly. When considering a place that’s fit for children, you simply need to keep in mind what your children will enjoy and what their behaviors may be. Typically, it’s a good idea to stay somewhere by the pool. While you are taking a beach vacation, children sometimes don’t like being all sandy (while other kids LOVE it). If you’re not sure where your child is on the love/hate relationship with sand, I recommend having a pool nearby to take your children to cool off and have some fun.

The amount of walking to the beach is another thing to keep in mind. As a parent, you will probably be trying to carry every little thing you possibly need to the beach in one arm, while balancing a child in the other. I recommend finding somewhere with a short walk to the beach, and maybe invest in a wagon to carry all your beach essentials if you can.

smiling boy in swimming pool

Have backup plans for a rainy day

While you may cross your fingers and hope that it won’t not rain, there’s always the possibility for it to happen. When planning a trip, it’s wise to take a look around where you’re staying and see what activities are available to you in the event of a rainy day. Taking the kids out to eat, shopping, to a movie theater, or a fun place to play indoors are all great ideas if they are available to you. Indoor pools are a plus too! Always have a few indoor activities prepared as well! Some ideas include playing board games, watching movies, building forts, and maybe planning a nap time.

Sit back, relax, and make memories!

The point of a vacation is to relax and get rest from your everyday chaos. While having children along on a vacation can be a challenge, it’s also incredibly rewarding and fun to have them there with you. These are the memories you will look back on and smile, so it’s important capture every moment and safely back them up using Picture Keeper Connect.

Now that you have your summer beach trip tips, it’s time to get planning! Your kids will thank you for the time and memories made together.