iPhone 8 Release & iOS 11 Update - Picture Keeper Connect

iPhone 8 Release & the Picture Keeper Connect

Atlanta, G.A. ​(October 16, 2017) — The release of the iPhone 8 and iOS 11 brings a lot of excitement around its newest features including an all-glass design, retina HD display, wireless charging, dual cameras and more. Simplified IT Products, LLC, the makers of Picture Keeper, is excited to see how our products can better the iPhone user’s experience.

Picture Keeper Connect is an iOS compatible USB device that plugs directly into your phone to backup photos, videos, and contacts. Whether you’re transferring from an older phone to the iPhone 8 or want to make room on your phone for the latest update, Picture Keeper Connect can help! Simply plug the Picture Keeper Connect into your phone, download our free app, and begin the backup process. The user-friendly device doesn’t require WiFI or data, so you can transfer from device to device on the go.

iPhone 8’s newest camera features provides you with the best visuals, coloring, filters, zoom, and more that a phone has ever seen. These are photos you will want to hold on to for a lifetime and ensure they are saved. Using our Picture Keeper Connect to backup all the priceless photos and videos is necessary to ensure you never lose your precious memories.

Due to the iOS 11 software update, some users need to update the firmware on the Picture Keeper Connect. While we only have a solution available on Windows computers, we are quickly working to provide a solution for Mac computers as well. To begin updating your firmware, download the firmware updater tool here and follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the PKConnectFWUpdate.exe file in your Downloads folder or desktop.
  2. Open PKConnectFWUpdate.exe
  3. Plug in your Picture Keeper Connect
  4. Close the AutoPlay popup (if it appears)
  5. Click the "Fix" button, and look for the "Fix Success" message

That’s it! You can now close the updater tool, eject your Picture Keeper Connect drive, and use it with your iOS 11 update or iPad again. If you need further assistance, you can reference our FAQ page here.

Visit picturekeeper.com for more information.


When a close friend lost all of her pictures on her computer during a lightning storm, Simplified IT Products' founder and CEO Matt Stanchie, was struck by inspiration. With Matt’s background in technology, he began to develop a simple, foolproof way to protect digital images. As a result, he created Picture Keeper, a USB drive with built in software that can search and copy all the digital files from a computer onto itself. Picture Keeper takes the hassle out of backing up digital files - just plug in, click “Start Backup,” and Picture Keeper does the work for you while skipping duplicates.

Today, Picture Keeper helps hundreds of thousands of busy people and families alike backup and protect irreplaceable memories from their smartphones, computers and tablets in a way that is easy and convenient.