Software Update - Picture Keeper


Atlanta, G.A. (November 21, 2016) -- Picture Keeper updates software to make it even easier for you to backup your photos. Picture Keeper has a new look and design with better functionality.

Updates Available for Picture Keeper devices:

There are many new features that have been added to the software, such as easier navigation which allows you to search your photo libraries and files. You can now get an overview of the photos you backup and duplicates will be skipped after every backup within your dashboard. One of the most exciting new features gives Picture Keeper users the option to create custom prints and personalized gifts that are delivered straight to your door. This makes the perfect holiday gift with a simple process and personal touch!

Picture Keeper is all about simplicity, which is why it now includes the option to print your photos straight from your printer at home. With a brand new sharing option, you can select your favorite pictures to share with friends and family, email them or share them on Facebook! Lastly, the software is updated so that you can easily restore and transfer all of your photos back on your computer or onto a new computer!

We are constantly working on improvements to simplify your backup process. This software update is now available on your current Picture Keeper. 


About Simplified IT Products, LLC

Matt Stanchie, founder and CEO, who has a background in technology, was inspired to create a solution for backing up files when a close friend lost all her digital images during a lightning storm.  As a result, Matt developed the backup solution, Picture Keeper, which is software that can search and copy all the digital files from a computer onto a USB device.  From this, Simplified IT Products LLC was born that now has a variety of Keeper devices and an app to simplify your backup needs.  There is no software to install, no wires to connect, no complicated setup, no passwords to remember.  Just plug our Keepers into your computer or mobile device and click 'Start Backup' to begin backing up your photos.