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We understand you may wish to use a custom computer backup device with the Picture Keeper software. With that in mind, we offer a single license to use our software with a custom device for personal, non-commercial use. Each software download is good for use with one device.

Choosing Your Device

Picture Keeper software can be used with several custom computer backup devices, including USB Flash Drives, portable external drives and solid state drives. We encourage users to only use reputable, brand name devices they trust. No-name flash drives, for instance, are often made with subpar components not suitable for storing data as valuable as your digital photos.

The same is true for portable external drives and SSDs. Again, brand names may cost more but are better options than low-end models. Your local Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot or Target should carry a selection of higher quality devices.

Using Picture Keeper Software with Custom Devices

After purchasing the single-use license, download the Create Your Own file using the link provided in your order confirmation email. The software will then be installed onto your personal drive.

Picture Keeper offers more versatility than most custom storage devices. All you need is a flash drive or external hard drive to install the software on.  Note: We recommend using a drive that is 8GB or larger.

Compatibility Requirements

  • System Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP (SP3), Mac OS 10.7 (and newer) computers.
  • Newer devices with a USB Type-C (Thunderbolt 3) port will require an adapter, like our Keeper Converter. Do I need a Keeper Converter?

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Use your own drive - ANY SIZE. Compatible with PC & Mac.