Code of Conduct

Picture Keeper is trusting that you will uphold a professional and enthusiastic reputation throughout the duration of the show. We want our potential customers to feel welcome to the booth so that means you need to be personable, approachable and easy to talk to. If there are any customer disputes, you are expected to handle them with courtesy and kindness. Always be polite to whoever you’re talking to – since we are a “tech” product, we don’t want people to feel intimidated while they’re talking to us.

What to Wear

Each employee will be given a Picture Keeper t-shirt before the show starts. You’re welcome to wear jeans or khakis with tennis shoes or cute flats. Please do not wear jeans with gaping holes down the front.

What Not To Do

Eating – We ask that you do not eat meals inside of the booth. We understand that the audience can get hectic and you might not have time to step away from the booth. If you feel that you can’t leave your coworker, you may eat/snack in the booth. BUT make sure to keep your food off the table and use your manners.

Sitting Down – Of course you can sit down BUT we want you to be standing the majority of the show. Sometimes it takes a person out in front of the table talking to people walking by and a person behind the table showing demos. When the foot traffic is slow, feel free to have a seat. But make sure to maintain a good attitude. Arms crossed and your back to the audience does not give off a good vibe.

Phone Calls – We understand that you have a life outside of a Picture Keeper show. If you need to answer the phone, please step away from the booth to make your call.

Inappropriate Language – Vulgar language is an absolute NO. We are a family owned business with an impeccable social reputation. Using inappropriate language will damage our brand name and negatively effect our marketing strategy.

Complaining Out Loud – We know that shows can have some long hours so it’s easy to find yourself complaining. We do not want the audience or any surrounding booths hear you complaining or talking negatively about our brand. Again, we put a lot into these shows and all it takes is a little complaint for somebody to question our company reputation.

Grooming Standards - It’s silly that I’m putting this in here, but some people need to hear it. Please make sure to wear deodorant and to not put on an excessive amount of perfume. Please make sure to have clean nails because you will be doing demos for our customers. Remember, you are in a small space, with a lot of people, for a very long time.