How is this any different than the Cloud?

Our customers typically don’t understand the Cloud, but there are always people who approach our booth asking about the Cloud/Google Photos/ Dropbox/ Amazon Photos and why you would buy a Picture Keeper.

MY EXPLANATION – The Cloud/ Google Photos/ Dropbox/ Amazon Photos all use online storage. This means that no matter where they are, they will have to have cell phone service, Wifi or data in order to back up their photos. Online storage solutions can also be hacked or you can forget your password. The photos on a Picture Keeper Connect can always be accessed when plugged into a computer. So if you forget your password or you have any problems, you can call our customer support team and get help.

How is this any different than a regular USB?

Picture Keeper is a software company, not a hardware company. So we created a software that’s embedded in the drive that allows the drive to be compatible with a cell phone. So when you plug the drive in, it recognizes the image files, video files and contacts so that all you have to do is click START BACKUP. Normal USB drives don’t plug into your cell phone and you have to drag and drop everything you want.

What if I lose my drive?

Unfortunately, we have no way to keep you from losing your drive. We recommend that you keep the drive somewhere safe, like in your eyeglasses case or a safety deposit box.

Can I erase my drive once it's full?

You can erase the drive BUT we don’t recommend it. We always want people to have a hard copy of their photos. Phones can break, computers can crash and the Cloud can get hacked. Once your drive gets to 80% full, we will send you an email with a Promo Code to purchase your next drive.

Can I Organize My Drive?

YES - But it has to be organized on your phone FIRST. Once you've backed up your pictures, you can not organize the drive. So if you're wanting an easy way to go back and look at your pictures from a specific event, create Albums on your phone, FIRST!