How do I backup Email attachments?

posted this on Sep 18, 2015

Backing up Email Attachments


You can use the Picture Keeper to back up photos that have been emailed to many common webmail services, including gmail and yahoo mail.

  • Plug in the Picture Keeper.

  • Start the Picture Keeper program as directed in the instruction booklet.

  • Click the red button for Backup Options.




  • Choose Where to Search to add Email to the searched locations.



  • Click the on/off button for Email Photos to turn on the Email search function.

  • Click the arrow next to Select Email Provider, and choose your email provider.

  • When prompted, login to your email account and accept the permissions request.

  • Choose the folders that you would like to back up.  You can also set a date range.

  • Click OK, and then Save.


Once you save these settings, Picture Keeper will remember the changes for that computer on future backups.


When you run your next backup, your email photos will be searched and backed up. New photos added to the existing folders will automatically be found and backed up.  If you create new folders, you will need to change these options again to select and include the new folders.  Only pictures that were sent as attachments will be backed up. Pictures that are embedded in the email message itself and pictures that are sent in a zip file will not be backed up.


Duplicate pictures are not detected when backing up email photos. If the email backup is cancelled, you will have to start another backup.


Your email backups can be viewed in the Pictures (My Pictures) folder.


If you need any assistance, please contact support.