How do I get started with Picture Keeper Connect for Android?

posted this on Jan 28, 2016

Picture Keeper Connect for Android

Picture Keeper Connect is the easiest way to protect the photos you take on the go. Simply plug the Picture Keeper in to your mobile phone or tablet, start the Picture Keeper Connect app, and watch Picture Keeper save all of your photos. 


Here are some general instructions to help you get started: 

Installing the Picture Keeper Connect App

Before we begin, you'll need to install our free Picture Keeper Connect app. It's a free download in the Google Play store.


  • Do you have a Picture Keeper and the Android cable that connects to your phone?



 Picture Keeper Connect Drive instructions:

From here, it's pretty simple to use Picture Keeper Connect: 

  1. Insert the Picture Keeper drive into your connect cable

  2. Insert the Connect Cable in to your Phone

  3. A pop-up may appear like the one below

  4. Check the box next to Use by Default for this USB device, and press OK.

  5. Tap the blue PK Drive button at the bottm left.

  6. Now Press Start Backup.

  7. You may see a pop-up to add videos to the download

  8. Choose "yes" or "no" as appropriate for your needs. 

  9. Tap Start Backup

  10. Now just sit back while Picture Keeper Connect does all the work for you! 



If you need any assistance, please contact support