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"Picture Keeper allows you to quickly download all of your images while on the go to keep your phone ready to capture new moments at any time."
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Love the ease of using this. Just plug it in and follow the prompts. Perfect for someone who struggles with technology!!

Ginny B

Great if you take a lot of photos. So easy to use. Highly recommend.

Susan M

You just plug it in and PK backs up everything easily! Peace of mind that my 8000 pics are backed up! You can move them to any device. Love it!!

Steven B

To save the 64GB of photos that consume the memory on my phone is the real deal. Easy to do and store!

Rebecca W

I have been using Picture Keeper for years and I wouldn’t use anything else to keep my pictures on. I have several of them now and I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Martha D

We Cherish Memories

Photos take you back to cherished moments in time. For over 13 years, our mission has been to protect and preserve your precious memories.