Can I delete pictures off my Picture Keeper?

Absolutely! If you need to delete individual pictures, or reset and start over, keep reading. There's a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Warning: Do not format your Picture Keeper or delete the Picture Keeper files and folders from your Picture Keeper drive. This will delete the backup software, and your Picture Keeper will no longer function.


Deleting Individual Pictures

If you want to remove individual photos from your Picture Keeper, just click on the View and Print Pictures icon on the main screen.


Find the folder you wish to view. Once you have located the photo, just highlight it and then click the "Delete" button in the View Pictures pane. 


For Mac users, after you delete files, make sure to empty your computer’s Trash/Recycle Bin.


Delete Pictures and/or Folders

You can also use any Picture Keeper to delete photos and folders as if it were a normal USB flash drive. In the main folder for the drive (where you find LaunchPictureKeeper or PictureKeeperForMac), look for the folder named "Backups."


Double-click this folder and continue to click on folders until you come to the folder with your pictures. You can delete pictures or whole folders this way.  Warning! Do not delete files or folders outside of the Backups folder.

For Mac users, after you delete files, make sure to empty your computer’s Trash/Recycle Bin. 


Please note: Once you have deleted the photo from your Picture Keeper, if it still remains on your computer it WILL NOT be copied over again unless you reset your Picture Keeper and start over. If you do not want this photo in your computer photo collection, you can delete it from your computer as well.


Delete Everything

If you would like to remove all the pictures and records that have been stored on a Picture Keeper and return it to its original condition, see How do I reset my Picture Keeper?


If you need any additional assistance, please contact Picture Keeper Support.