10 Most Collectible Photography Books of All Time

The best photography books on the market are the kind you can return to again and again – and the kind that you can conspicuously leave out on your coffee table to impress your friends during your next book club meeting.

If you’re starting to dabble in photography yourself, consider one of these collectible photography books.

Infra, Richard Mosse

This wholly original collection captures the intensity of the ongoing conflict in the Republic of Congo using a discontinued infrared film stock to portray subjects in vibrant pink, red, and purple hues.

400 Photographs, Ansel Adams

America’s most famous landscape photographer has countless classic collections; get the most bang for your buck with this inexpensive book that contains an exhaustive compilation of his best work from the Sierra Nevadas to our treasured national parks.

Looking at Photographs, John Szarkowski

The renowned photography curator of the Museum of Modern Art collects 100 of the most stunning photographs ever housed therein this must-own photography book. The book also contains insight into what curators seek in photographs for exhibition.

The Decisive Moment, Henri Cartier-Bresson

Considered the most influential photography collection for modern practitioners, this book showcases images that French master Cartier-Bresson denotes as reaching a formal, visual peak, or a “decisive moment.”

The Americans, Robert Frank

A full deconstruction (and nuanced celebration) of fading American idealism, Robert Frank’s’ collection depicts segregation, consumerism, and unrest in 1950s America. It’s still one of the most famous photography books ever published.

Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light, Bill Brandt

A fine showcase of contrast and subverting expectations, this collection transforms the possibilities of body and nude photography. Each photograph complements and shapes the others, allowing for new discoveries every time you open it.

Avedon Fashion, Richard Avedon

Fearlessly inventive, Richard Avedon was a fashion photographer who had his work featured in Vogue, The New Yorker, and countless museums. This collection chronicles his work through the second half of the 20th century.

All About Eve, Eve Arnold

Eve Arnold is a legendary portrait photographer, capturing both migrant potato workers and the ineffable Marilyn Monroe with equal skill in her signature black and white compositions.

Underwater Dogs, Seth Casteel

Sometimes you’re in the mood for fine art. Other times, you just want dogs. Underwater dogs. Seth Casteel’s hilarious collection is one of the best-selling photography books on Amazon for a reason: it’s one-of-a-kind and guaranteed to draw a laugh from even the grumpiest grandkids.

The Visual Palette, Brian Matiash

Are you ready to start taking your own photographs? This unique book helps burgeoning photographers like you develop a singular style by helping you define your own visual pallet.

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