11 Rainy Day Activities for Children

April showers bring May flowers… and a lot of stir crazy children (and adults) in the house! When the weather is too gloomy to step outdoors, you have to be creative on ways to entertain your children indoors and hopefully burn off their extra energy. If you find yourself looking towards a rainy day, here are 11 activities you can do with your children without turning on the TV or tablet!

Build Forts

Creating forts is a classic rainy day activity that will never get old! You can use things you already have in the house, like sheets, barstools, pillows, and more. Let your children use their creativity on the forts and you will quickly find that they will want to hang out in there all day long.

child in fort

Get Crafty

Crafts are a fun way to pass time on a rainy day. There are endless options, but a lot can cause a mess which you might want to avoid! Good crafts could be grabbing crayons and paper and letting them draw, finger painting, Playdoh, sock puppets, pet rocks and more.

Indoor Balloon “Tennis”

If you need a way to burn more of your children’s energy, Indoor Balloon “Tennis” is the perfect option. All you need to do is simply blow up one balloon and create two rackets. The rackets can be made out of a paper plate and popsicle sticks. Now, you have a safe way to play tennis indoors! You can create a court by separating the opponents with furniture, or just play a game of keeping the balloon from hitting the ground. The children will be entertained for hours!balloon tennis

Dance It Out

Okay… this activity may technically require you to turn on the TV or a tablet. BUT instead of watching a show and sitting on the couch, turn on some great music. Soon, the children will be dancing all around and singing along. They will be all danced out and ready for nap time before you know it!

Lego Creations

If your child loves Legos, then a rainy day is the perfect time to bring out a new set to create. The little pieces take time to place in the right location, so the children will fun creating it and will have a new toy to play with as soon as it’s complete.

boy playing with Legos

Racecar Ramps

If your house is already filled with racecars, creating a new track can be a huge source of entertainment. You can make the tracks elaborate and all throughout their room or living room. It will be a fun way for your child to race different cars and find new ways to use their toys!

Board Games

Playing board games is the ultimate rainy day activity. It’s an easy way to entertain your children indoors without creating a total mess.

child playing Jenga

Reading A Book

If you don’t need to be getting too much done yourself, finding a book to read to your kid is another great option. If they’re old enough to read on their own, this a great suggestion for them to at least spend 30 minutes of the day reading a book of their choice. It passes the time and gives you some peace and quiet during the day.

Scavenger Hunt

This might take a little more thought on your end, but creating a scavenger hunt is a fun way to keep the kids entertained. You can keep it simple and include household items or things they can find in their rooms. You can also have a “prize” for them completing the scavenger hunt. Prizes could include awarding them with a piece of candy, a new book, or 20 minutes of TV time.


Baking is potentially one of the messier options, but teaching your kids to bake is a fun way to pass time when you are stuck indoors. Keep it simple with cookies and them cutting out shapes, or let them help stir the baking mixture. The most fun part for the kids will be decorating! So have some fun icing, sprinkles, and other toppings on hand.

daughter feeding mother cookies in kitchen


Much like indoor tennis, creating indoor bowling is easy and a fun game for children. All you need is something round that won’t destroy things in your home, possibly a bouncy ball or a foam ball, and empty soda or water bottles. Just set up the bottles like bowling pins and start bowling! Easy-peasy!

Now that you have all these fun, indoor activities on hands, a rainy day won’t put a damper on you and your family. Start creating fun memories during these rainy days and backup each of your favorite moments with Picture Keeper Connect. Rain or shine, all your photos & videos will be safely stored in one location.