15 Best Apps for New Parents

make parenting easier

Bringing home a new baby turns your schedule upside down. Suddenly your life revolves around feedings, cuddling, diaper changes, and naptime. With the right baby apps for iPhone / Android devices, parents can get the most enjoyment out of their child’s first year of life with less stress and (hopefully) more opportunities to catch some much-needed sleep.


With that in mind, here are fifteen of the best apps for new moms and dads. Enjoy!

Baby MedBasics

Some of the best apps for new parents are the ones you hope you never have to use. Baby Medbasics for Android and iOS devices is such an app. Baby MedBasics offers step-by-step instructions for dealing with a range of medical emergencies, including choking, burns, poisonings, and fevers. It’s no substitute for professional medical care, but in an emergency, it could provide the information you need to save your child’s life.


Baby Nursing App

The early days of breastfeeding can be confusing. The Baby Nursing app is a free iOS app that helps you track feeding times, which side the baby last fed from, how long the little one ate, and more, all logged for your convenience.


Babysitting Pro Activity Log

Whether you’ve hired a full-time nanny or a babysitter for a night out, this Android / iOS app allows sitters to log important events while you’re gone, including sleep, feedings, diaper changes, and hours worked.


Baby Sleep Lullaby

One of the most popular baby apps for iPhone/Android, the baby sleep app includes twenty-one soothing lullabies and cute animations to keep baby calm and entertained. The app includes a timer to turn the lullabies on or off.


Child Medical History

This handy iOS app tracks all the information you need for your child’s medical history, from blood type and vaccinations to allergies, medical appointments, and more. All information can be transferred to your desktop and printed as needed.


Cloud Baby Monitor

Why take your cumbersome baby monitor with you on the road when you can use your phone? The cloud baby monitor offers secure streaming video of your baby to an iPad, iPhone, or computer. The app sends notifications of changes in motion or sound, and you can even talk to the baby through it.


Milk Maid

The iOS app Milk Maid is one of the best apps for moms who need use a breast pump. The app helps you calculate how much milk you need for the day or week, and even tracks how much breast milk is stored in the fridge.


Mom Maps

Another of the many helpful baby apps for iPhone/Android, Mom Maps helps direct you to baby-friendly restaurants, parks, stores, and other locations approved by the app’s users. When you find a baby-friendly location, pin it on the app to help other parents.



MyMedela is a free Android and iOS app designed to track your baby’s feeding. The app offers nursing tips and logs feedings, breast pumps, and sleep schedules while providing a helpful problem-solving feature.



New parents take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Free for Android and iOS, Snapseed is an easy-to-use photo filter app that helps you fine-tune your little one’s portrait. And remember, if your phone is full of baby photos, you don’t have to lose one precious moment with Picture Keeper Connect.


Sprout Baby

Sprout Baby for the iOS helps track the major milestones in your baby’s life through journal entries and photos. Sprout Baby also tracks health records, which can be printed in document form.


Total Baby

Another of the best apps for new parents, Total Baby is an iOS app that tracks all the information your pediatrician needs to see for baby’s first weeks of life, including soiled diapers, feedings, and sleep. The app also tracks immunizations, doctor’s appointments, and developmental milestones.



With an enormous amount of medical content, WebMD is one of the most comprehensive free baby apps for iPhone/Android. The app also tracks sleep, diaper changes, and feedings.


White Noise Baby App

Some babies only fall asleep to the sound of the vacuum cleaner, a hair dryer, or the car. Rather than driving around town to get the little one to sleep, use the White Noise Baby app. Available for iOS and free on Google Play, the app plays twenty calming ambient sounds with a timer system to slowly reduce volume. When baby’s up, the app has a rattle feature.


Share-Your-Photos App

The Share-Your-Photos App is perfect for families because it allows you to share your photos and videos with friends and family through a private, shared photo album. The app can be downloaded on an iPhone or Android and it can be accessed from any computer! It makes sharing your photos from birthday parties, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Day, family vacation, newborn pictures, baseball season and more- simple and easy- and keeps everybody in the loop!


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