How to Digitize Your Grandparent's Old Photographs

Sitting in the attic, collecting dust, is a gold mine of precious photos your parents or grandparents stored away as keepsakes. Rather than allowing these priceless memories to sit in a large and unorganized tin, we want to share a few tips and tricks you can use to digitize these photos and make a special gifts in honor of Grandparent’s Day on September 10th.

Find & Organize the Photos

Sometimes, simply beginning is the most challenging part of any project. To begin digitizing the photos, you first must locate and organize them in a way that makes sense for you. Send out that text or talk to your brother, sister, or aunt to track down all the photos. Once they are all in one place, you can begin familiarizing yourself with the photos. Organize them however you see fit – by person, year, event – the project is yours to have fun with!

Upload Photos

Once you have an idea of how you want to organize the photos, the uploading and scanning process can begin! One way to upload is with a scanner. The CanoScan Image Scanner or Epson Perfection Photo Scanner are both cost-efficient and effective options, or use one you already have. Just be sure to wipe off any dust before scanning to ensure the best quality. Another great option we recommend is With their cutting edge technology and professional staff, is an excellent way to have your photos scanned and handled professionally.

Using your smartphone to take photos of the old photographs is also an easy way to capture quality images. Here are a few tips on capturing the best image with your phone:

  • Find a spot with natural light
  • Avoid direct sunlight so there is no glare or discoloring of the photograph
  • Dust off the photos to avoid messy photos
  • Make sure your photo does not have a shadow from you or your iPhone
  • Be sure to capture the entire photo and crop later

Regardless of whether you use a scanner or your smartphone, be sure to back up your memories on your computer with a Picture Keeper or your smartphone with a Picture Keeper Connect to ensure the digital images are saved in multiple locations.

Share the Photos

Family and friends who also have old photographs can contribute by snapping pictures on their smartphones and sharing them with you. Easily share the digital images with everyone by using the Share Your Photos app. The free app allows you to create an event and have everyone upload their photos and videos into one album. Invite the whole family to see the photos or add new ones!

Create Custom Gifts

Once the photos are backed up to your Picture Keeper Connect, you can create custom gifts for the Grandparents or the whole family directly from the Picture Keeper app. Choose between a variety of different options including a photo book, phone cases, magnets & more. It’s the perfect gift to celebrate Grandparent’s Day.