30 Day Photo Challenge

A 30 day photo challenge is a fun way to expand your photography skills by exploring a range of subjects and themes. Taking the challenge asks you to step slightly out of your comfort zone and look at subjects you might not always consider for photos.

Photo challenges start off with simple subjects and work their way up to more complex themes that require a greater understanding of technique and artistry. You can find a number of 30-day photography challenges online, but here’s one we particularly like:

Day 1: Self-portrait

Day 2: Trees

Day 3: Clouds

Day 4: The Ruleof Thirds

Day 5: Road Signs

Day 6: Candid Family Photos

Day 7: Roads, Paths, and Perspective

Day 8: Still Life

Day 9: Transportation

Day 10: Bright Colors

Day 11: Landscapes

Day 12: Architecture

Day 13: Silhouette

Day 14: Fruits and Vegetables

Day 15: Leading Lines

Day 16: Water

Day 17: Statues or Mannequins

Day 18: Animals

Day 19: Locations

Day 20: Numbers

Day 21: Trash / Discarded Objects

Day 22: Street Scenes

Day 23: Abstract Subjects

Day 24: Motion

Day 25: Reflections

Day 26: Flowers

Day 27: Macro / Close-ups

Day 28: Textures

Day 29: Shadows and Light

Day 30: Self-portrait

This 30-day photography challenge offers plenty of opportunities to play with your phone camera, and really think about the story you want each photo to tell. It starts and ends with a self-portrait, so you can compare how you’ve changed as a photographer by the end of the challenge.

There are no rules to a personal photography challenge. Some people take multiple photos a day, while others try to capture one exceptional image a day. However you choose to pursue the challenge, we’re sure you’ll enjoy testing your skills—and the abilities of your phone camera!

Tag us in your photos on social media and hashtag #PictureKeeper! We can’t way to see all of your great photos over these next 30 days! #MakeMoreMemories