5 Best Road Trip Apps for Kids

Keeping the kids occupied on a long road trip can be a challenge—you can only sing “The Wheels on the Bus” so many times, and games like I Spy only hold a child’s attention for so long. Choosing the right car apps for kids can make your next trip more fun for all members of the family. So here are five of the best road trip apps for kids.

mad libs app


The classic word game gets a digital twist with the MadLibs app. Older kids can use the app themselves, typing in funny nouns to make ridiculous sentences. Younger kids can also have fun with a little help from an older sibling or parent.

The app allows players to take pictures and use photos from the device’s gallery for extra fun. MadLibs is free for both Android and iOS, and additional books for the game can be purchased in-app. All in all, it’s one of the best road trip apps for kids and adults.

sago mini robot party

Toddlers get bored easily on long drives. Downloading some fun apps for road trips can help keep them entertained (and give you a break). Available for iOS and Android, the Sago Mini Robot Party allows kids to mix and match parts to make silly robots. The interface is easy enough for small children to master, and the silly factor will keep them giggling.

drawing pad app

Drawing Pad App

Drawing and coloring have long been used to entertain kids on car rides, but let’s face it, trying to stay within the lines in a moving car is a challenge, and crayons tend to get dropped and lost in the car cabin. The Drawing Pad app takes care of all those problems, proving a virtual canvas where children can choose between crayons, paint brushes, stickers, and more and then save their masterpieces. (If you’ve got a budding Picasso in the back seat, you may find your phone filled with artwork. Picture Keeper Connect lets you free up space on the phone while saving pictures and photos). Drawing Pad is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Duckie Deck Giggle Glass

Duckie Deck Giggle Glass

Duckie Deck Giggle Glass is an iOS compatible app that ranks amongst the silliest of car apps for kids. The app allows children to alter what they see through the phone’s camera with twenty-one goofy filters and animations, turning the ordinary into a carnival fun house. The one-touch interface allows even young toddlers to get in on the fun.



When kids get tired in the car, a story can help lull them to sleep. Tales2Go offers over six thousand children’s audio stories, and is available for both Apple and Android devices. The company believes teaching kids to be good listeners helps prepare them to be good readers.

While Tales2Go is undoubtedly one of the best road trip apps for kids, it comes at hefty price: $99.99 for a year’s subscription. The app does offer a thirty-day free trial (enough to last you through most vacations), after which you can choose to subscribe or cancel.

Road trips are great memory makers for families. Make sure you capture it all, (and keep them protected) with Picture Keeper products!

What are some of your favorite apps for road trips with your kids?