5 DIY Mother's Day Projects

mothers day crafts

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all of the great things our Mothers do for us. Just because many of us are still staying home most of the time, doesn’t mean you can’t make the day as special as you’d like! If you haven’t been able to go get her a gift or you’re looking for a fun way to spend the day at home, here are 5 DIY Mother’s Day Crafts you can do yourself!

Crayon Candles from the Pinning Mama

Turn all of your spare and broken crayons into a special gift for Mom! This fun craft from the Pinning Mama is easy to make and will be a sweet keepsake that she can use around the house!

Origami Mothers Day Card by Zakka Life

This adorable Mother’s Day card by Zakka Life with brighten Mom’s day when she see’s it! This fun project comes with step by step instructions and all that you need is paper and glue. Try your hand at this easy Origami Mother’s Day card!

DIY Photo Planter

This DIY Photo Planter that we’ve shared on the In Focus blog before is one of my favorite projects. Its the perfect project for an afternoon at home, and Mom will love the cute way to display her favorite memories!

DIY Heart Notebook by Easy Peasy and Fun

This DIY Heart Notebook from Easy Peasy and Fun is such a fun DIY gift idea for Mother’s Day! Perfect for the kids to put together with supplies you probably have around your house, and they provide the Heart template to put this Notebook together. Once its done, gift it to Mom or Grandma to show them how much you love them!

Paper Bouquet from Hey Lets Make Stuff

Mom’s love a bouquet of flowers, but once they’ve expired they often just get thrown away. Give Mom a Paper Bouquet this year. Paper flowers can be beautiful, and will never start to wilt or shed petals! This tutorial at Hey Lets Make Stuff is a super simple way to create really pretty paper flowers out of tissue paper!

Mom will love these DIY projects and gifts, and will forever cherish the time and memories that went into making them. Don’t forget to document your day and backup your photos with Picture Keeper’s easy-to-use USB backup! These are memories that you’ll never want to lose! Don’t forget to tag us in any photos of your DIY Mother’s Day projects!