5 Family Activities To Do Before the End of Summer

Summer is coming to the end, and you want to take the most of it! Before sending your children off on the school bus, why not have one more last summer hoorah as a family?! Here are 5 family activities that are fun and easy to do before summer is officially over:

Head to a park

Visiting a local park is a fun day activity for the whole family to do! Grab a blanket, a picnic basket full of food, a frisbee and other games and enjoy the day together. If you’re an Atlanta-native like us, Stone Mountain Park is the perfect place to go. You can climb the mountain, explore the area, and event stay for a laser show that night. It’s the perfect family-friendly activity.

happy parents with little daughters having a picnic

Backyard Movie Night

Want to do something fun without necessarily breaking the bank? An outdoor 7795.jpgmovie night should do the trick! If you have a projector, a screen, and a movie you’re all set. Choose a movie your whole family will love, bring out some lawn chairs, blankets, pillows, and some popcorn. It’ll be a night your children will brag about to all their friends when they go back to school!

Watch your local baseball team

Nothing screams summer fun more than baseball games! Head to your local stadium, grab some hot dogs for the kids, and sit back and enjoy.

One more trip to the pool

Whether you haven’t been to a pool all summer or you’re a regular visitor, one more trip to a pool is the perfect summer activity to do as a family! Everyone will enjoy swimming around and relaxing poolside one last time before it’s back to school, back to work, and back to the reality of cooler fall weather to come.

Cheerful brother and sister swimming in the pool

Local Entertainment

Whether it’s a play, a concert, or a trip to the farmer’s market, it’s fun to find something local to your community to enjoy as a family!

No matter where your summer takes you, the most important thing is that memories are made together! If you’re like us and take countless photos of your family outings, be sure to backup your photos using Picture Keeper. It’s the easiest way to save all of your most cherished memories, and you can look back at all the fun times shared together!