5 Fun Back to School Traditions to Start with Your Kids

The first day of a new school year is a rite of passage, signaling to children that they are growing up just as much as celebrating a birthday does. Why not acknowledge this important day with some fun back to school traditions? Here’s our top 5 Kids’ Back to School Tradition Ideas.

Deploy “the Backpack Fairy”

The backpack fairy is one of the cuter back to school traditions we’ve encountered. Kids leave their backpacks out the night before school starts, and wake up to discover they’ve been magically packed with their school supplies. Include some special gifts like new art supplies, a coloring book, and stickers, and watch the kids’ faces light up when they see what the fairy left them.

Back to School Photos

Back to school photos are a long-standing tradition, and a great way to chronicle your child’s growth and development. To give kids a sense of scale, have them take the picture next to the same object every year—a potted plant, for instance, or a treasured stuffed animal. Some back to school photos have the kids strike the same silly pose year after year, while others are more formal affairs. Either way, you get to record how much your children have grown each year. The easiest way to share those back to school photos with all of your family is through the free Share-Your-Photos app. Document your little one’s first year through a free album in the app that all of your friends and family can see.

Back to School Breakfast

School can be tiring, and we all know the importance of eating a good breakfast. Pull out all the stops for a special breakfast on the first day of school, so the kids start the school year on an enjoyable note while getting the fuel they’ll need for the day.

Lunchbox Notes

Slipping notes into lunchboxes is one of the oldest back to school traditions. If your child is nervous about returning to school, a short supportive message and a surprise treat in her lunchbox can help her get through the day. As kids get older, you can switch from loving messages to jokes, which are less likely to embarrass kids if their peers see the note.

Back to School Interviews

The night before the first day of school, grab your video camera and conduct a back to school interview. Ask the child what he expects to learn this year, if he knows the name of his teacher, and what he’s looking forward to. You can also find back to school interview templates online and Pinterest, such as this one—once they’re filled in, they make a great scrapbook page with back to school photos.

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