7 Best SoCal Mommy Blogs to Start Following

socal mommy bloggers

For some reason, Southern California is a hotbed of mommy blogging. Perhaps it’s the region’s kid-friendly opportunities that’s inspired so many busy moms to share their experiences online. Whatever the reason, we love reading what the best California mommy bloggers have to offer, and we think you will to!

Caffeinated OC Mommy

Written by a self-proclaimed lipstick fiend, Caffeinated OC Mommy offers a fun look at keeping romance alive while raising a child. Her sassy, delightful persona is reason enough to give her blog a look.


Celtic Mommy

Filled with photos, crafting ideas, recipes, and homeschooling tips, Heather’s relaxed, informal blog offers something for everyone.


Crosbie Crew

Summer is a talented photographer and the mother of three. Her blog is another of the best SoCal mommy blogs, and is filled with kid-friendly tutorials and recipes.


Daytripping Mom

If you’re looking for family outing ideas, Daytripping Mom is one of the best SoCal mommy blogs for inspiration. Blogger and mother of two Aracely blogs on family-friendly destinations in southern California with an emphasis on locations that are both fun for kids and easy on your bank account.


Go Explore Nature

Debi is a Los Angeles mom who serves as an adventure guide to her two sons. Go Explore Nature is one of the best California Mommy blogs for outdoor activity ideas centered around nature, science, and good old-fashioned fun.


Rage Against the Minivan

Kristen fills her blog with humor. She became a mother of four through birth and adoption over the course of four years, so how she possibly has time to blog is a mystery—it’s a good thing she does, however, so we can enjoy her insightful and often funny articles.


Second Blooming

Gretchen is a Los Angeles-based actress who, like many women, became a first-time mom in her forties. She offers a refreshingly different perspective on parenting as a new phase of life.



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