7 Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Today’s gadgets and smart technology have made traveling more convenient and comfortable than ever. If you know someone with a permanent case of wanderlust (or have the travel bug yourself), we’ve put together a list of seven helpful gifts for people who love to travel.

4-in-1 Plug adapters

If you travel internationally, you quickly realize not to take anything for granted. Power outlets are a case in point, with different configurations across the planet. Those who don’t plan for this find themselves in foreign lands with no way to charge phones, tablets, and digital camera. Make sure that isn’t a problem with a 4-in-1 plug adapter, which allows you to plug in your devices in 150 countries. Amazon offers an adapter that is color-coordinated according to the country you are traveling to. Check it out HERE!


Phone Camera Clip-On Lenses

Small and easily transported, a set of clip-on lenses greatly increases the range of your smartphone’s camera. Clip-on lenses include wide angle, fisheye, macro, and zoom lenses, making them ideal gifts for people who love to travel. Amazon offers a variety of brands, sizes prices for Clip-On Lenses. The price can vary depending on the quality you want to purchase. Here is a kit found on amazon that offers a variety of sizes for a decent price.

Picture Keeper

Today’s vacationers take pictures to chronicle their adventures, sharing them on social media. It’s not unusual to take a few hundred photos during a trip, all of which can disappear in a second if your phone is damaged or stolen.

That’s where Picture Keeper Connect comes in. The little USB drive comes with USB ports to connect to mobile devices and computers, and includes a free app to quickly create a copy of all your photos and videos, protecting your memories while making it possible to free up space on your phone. Picture Keeper drives are truly unique gifts for travelers. Purchase a Picture Keeper Connect HERE.


Travel Cord Rolls

Charging cords for mobile devices, cameras, and other gadgets are a pain to pack. Left unsecured, they get tangled quickly and are easily lost. A travel cord roll keeps all your power cords, extra memory cards, and USB drives in one convenient location which rolls up into a space-saving roll. Brouk and Co. offers an adorable cord roll in a variety of colors. Visit their website to see all the options!

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Between the clatter of train wheels, the muted roar of plane engines, and fellow passengers, travel can get noisy. Escape into your favorite tunes with a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds. Their small size makes them ideal for carry-on luggage, and they’re as capable of muting external noise as larger, bulkier headphones. Audio-Technica’s noise cancelling earbuds were ranked in the top 10 for 2017 and they were rated “Best Value” of 2017. You can purchase them HERE.

Smart Luggage

Lost or stolen luggage is the bane of modern travel. Smart luggage can’t prevent such problems, but can increase your chance of retrieving your stuff. Smart luggage contains GPS locators to track the bag’s location. A full set of smart luggage is a little pricy, but you can find suitcase smart locks or tags that offer the same tracking capabilities. Amazon offers a reasonably priced carry-on suitcase for $314.99.


Picture Keeper was recently featured on The Mom Hour, a lifestyle podcast network dedicated to the life YOU live: your home, your family, your kids, your relationships, your style, your creativity and your work. In episode 106, they cover all of the must-have tech items for people who travel with kids! Of course, Picture Keeper made the list! Check out their feature below and listen to the episode by clicking HERE!