8 of the Best Beach Gadgets for Your Summer Vacation

The beach is synonymous with summer. Whether you’re in the water, watching the play of light on the waves, or sitting around a crackling bonfire, beaches offer some of life’s greatest moments.

Today’s gadgets and gizmos can make a trip to the beach even more enjoyable. We’ve selected eight of the best beach gadgets out there to help make your trip as entertaining and fun as possible.


Waterproof Wireless Speakers

Small enough to fit into a beach bag, today’s rugged, lightweight wireless speakers are perfect for the beach. Some even float on the water so you can take your tunes into the surf.


Sand-Free Beach Mats

Wonderful though the beach is, sand tends to get into everything—including sandwiches and drinks. Sand-free beach mats such as the CGear Sand Free rug are made of one-way sift materials originally developed for military use, and include D-rings to secure the mat to the ground.



Pop-Up Beach Tents

The hot summer sun can quickly burn exposed skin, and summer downpours can leave you—and your beach electronics—sopping wet. Lightweight pop-up beach tents provide shelter for up to three people from the elements, and collapse into easily transportable bags.


Waterproof Phone Cases

Some of the best beach gadgets transform your smartphone into an underwater camera. One of the best examples is the iPhone Watershot SPLASH housing. Waterproof to 33 feet, the housing is touchscreen capable and includes a flat port and wide angle lens, so next time you go snorkeling you can take photos directly on your smartphone.

Picture Keeper Connect Drives

When you’re at the beach, you don’t want to discover your phone’s memory is full. If you are, you’ll be forced to delete old photos to take new ones, and no-one wants to spend a day at the beach deciding which pictures to destroy.

The Picture Keeper Connect drive conveniently backs up all the pictures, videos, and contact information on your phone, so you can delete large amounts of photos without losing them forever. Small enough to slip into a handbag or pocket, the drive requires no internet connection, so you can use it on the remotest of beaches.


Self-Inflating Lounge bags

Self-inflating lounge bags fill quickly by simply opening them up, trapping air, and sealing the air inside to create a comfortable piece of beach furniture that doubles as a water toy.


Phone-Controlled Drones

Want to get a bird’s-eye view of the beach? Smartphone-controlled drones range in price from $50 all the way up to high-end drones with exceptional video-taking abilities. You can even purchase underwater drones to explore the depths without leaving shore.


Portable solar batteries

The best beach gadgets, in a perfect world, would never run out of power. We’re not there yet, but you can keep your phone and wireless speaker charged with a portable solar charger. In the hot sun of the beach, a solar charger will make sure your devices stay in use for as long as you want (or at least until the sun goes down).

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