8 Scrapbooking Hacks

Scrapbooking is a creative and fun way to look back at all of your favorite moments. Your special photos are decorated with your favorite colors and embellishments and you will have a book to flip through for years to come.

There are countless tips and tricks when it comes to scrapbooking. Little shortcuts or smart ways to utilize your tools can save you a lot of time or take your scrapbook to the next level. We have 9 scrapbooking hacks we think you should definitely learn to use for your next scrapbook project!


Painter swatches

Have you ever walked through the paint aisle at a home improvement store and just stopped and stared at the countless pretty colors? There are so many different colors and shades and it would be so fun to include these colors in your scrapbook. Thankfully, you can! A lot of the paint swatches have free samples that you can grab and take home with you. For scrapbookers, this is great because you can use these colors for cutouts. It’s even easy to make a gradient effect of a particular cut out that matches your scrapbook page!

Close-up of a color spectrum in the female hands

Wax paper

Have a page you’re working on, but haven’t printed or taken the perfect photo for it? Wax paper can easily solve this problem! Simply cut out the wax paper at the size the picture will be, and use a sticker keep one of the corners down. That way, you can continue to work on your page and simply put the photo in place of the wax paper when you have it!


Save your scraps

A lot of people will just toss aside their scraps of paper when they’re done using it. Us scrapbookers know to always hold on to the scraps! You can use these for small shapes, cutouts, or embellishments on other pages in your scrapbook. You can even mix and match different scraps of paper to form exactly what you want.


Add Dimension

Adding dimension to your scrapbook and can be tricky, but we have the easiest tip for you! When you’re layering different pages behind your photos, you can slightly bend the edges of the paper to add dimension and a shadow to your layout. This easy trick will make your page look incredible! Don’t bend the pages too much – you will want it to look effortless.

Mix and match prints

Another way to add dimension and texture to your pages is by mixing and matching prints. It’s fun to occasionally make a page that has entirely different prints on it and juxtapose it with another calm page.


Keep it simple

While you will want to add prints and textures in your scrapbook, you can never go wrong with keeping it simple. Having the right amount of white space is key to not making your eyes super busy and all over the page!


Picture Keeper Connect

The best scrapbooking hack of all is Picture Keeper Connect! It’s the easiest way to backup your photos on your smartphone to the portable USB drive and take it directly to a local printer or kiosk.

picture keeper connect in front of a floral background

Now that you know our scrapbooking hacks, it’s time to get started! Be sure to share all your favorite scrapbooking pages using these tips with #PictureKeeper on social media.