Backup Your Photos All Over The World

No matter the location of your home or the language you speak, a smile can be understood by everyone. At Picture Keeper, we are excited about World Backup Day because we have the opportunity to share why we are so passionate about our products. Picture Keeper strives to protect all your precious memories, so that you can capture more smiles on your smartphone or camera wherever you may be!

If you’ve never heard the story behind the creation of Picture Keeper, it gives insight into why we do what we do for all you photo lovers. Matt Stanchie, founder and CEO of Picture Keeper, was struck with inspiration after a close friend lost all of her digital photos of her two-year-old son during a lightning storm. With his background in technology, Matt knew there had to be a foolproof way to save photos without the hassle of your typical flash drive. Picture Keeper’s software allows users to simply plug the device into their computers, press on simple button, and save all their photos.

No matter where you are in the world, we know many have experienced similar situations! That’s why we aim for no one to have the experience the loss of the photos they cherish the most. Our products help you easily save your memories and make room for more.

We hope you better understand the passion behind our brand and why backing up your favorite photos, videos, and files is important! To help you kickstart your backup process, we are giving away a Picture Keeper Pro 32GB for World Backup Day! Enter below for your chance to win.

World Backup Day Giveaway

World Backup Day Giveaway will end on 3/30/18.