Big Fake Wedding & Photo App | Picture Keeper

We recently had our second experience with The Big Fake Wedding as a featured vendor this past week. We met new vendors as well as lots of upcoming brides and grooms! The event was held at Three Taverns Craft Brewery in Decatur, GA which put a rustic and fun twist on your typical wedding venue.

The Big Fake Wedding is a unique alternative to a bridal show. The hand-selected vendors perform their services while the “wedding guests” get to attend the event and experience the vendors in action, just as they would at a real wedding. This is a perfect way for upcoming brides and grooms, members of the bridal party or even those involved in the planning process to see what a future wedding could potentially look like. It also provides an opportunity for vendors to show potential customers what they’re really made of – in person and in action.

Our favorite part of the event was having our latest app – Share Your Photos – as the App Sponsor for the event! We shared a table and explained to guests how Picture Keeper and Share Your Photos both work together to protect precious wedding memories. There were lots of photos shared within the app featuring the guests and other vendors (our favorites shared below) – check out “That’s A Wrap: The Big Fake Wedding Atlanta Recap” by Jessica Wozinsky to learn more!

Stay tuned for upcoming events with Picture Keeper and Share Your Photos!