How to Bring the Holiday Spirit of Giving into Work

Even though it’s the holidays, most of us still have to work. The office can be a dreary place compared to the winter wonderland outside, especially if the holidays coincide with your business’ busiest time. Here are some ways to bring the holiday spirit into your office, and to foster the spirit of giving at work.

Be Inclusive

At home, you’re free to decorate and celebrate as you see fit, but not everyone at work necessarily shares your faith or love of the holiday season. Being inclusive is one of the most important tips for getting the office into the holiday spirit. If everyone else is Christian, and Molly from accounting is Jewish, it’s easy for her to feel left out. Ask her to bring in some Hanukkah-related decorations or keep the office decorations and holiday events secular in nature.

Play Some Tunes

Granted, the shopping malls have been playing Christmas carols since before Halloween, but seasonal music is still one of the best ways to bring the holiday spirit to your office. Choose quiet instrumental pieces that add ambiance without distracting people from work-related tasks (unless it’s the holiday party, in which case bouncier tunes are ideal).

Brighten up the Workplace

How you decorate the office depends on the nature of your work. Some offices go nuts with the tinsel and streamers, while others must maintain a more professional appearance. If your workplace isn’t right for plastic snowmen and cartoon reindeer, add a classy holiday feel with poinsettias, holly, olive branches, and aromatic fir wreaths.

holiday decorations

Holiday-Themed Contests

One of the most fun tips for getting the office into the holiday spirit, decorating contests can be loads of fun. Offer small prizes for “classiest,” “most seasonal,” “funniest,” and other categories.

Holiday-themed contests don’t need to stop there. Have an ugly sweater contest or a best cookie contest—combine your cookie contest with an office-wide cookie swap to really get people involved.

Set up a Hot Chocolate Bar

If your office has a break room or space next to the office coffee machine, why not set up a hot chocolate bar? Provide different hot chocolate flavors, some whipped cream, and a variety of toppings for everyone to enjoy.

cup of hot chocolate

Encouraging the Spirit of Giving at Work

The holidays are a great time for an office-wide charity drive—especially as everyone’s already feeling the holiday spirit thanks to your efforts. Instead of a secret Santa this year, why not create a giving tree? Attach tags to the tree with the names of different charities and their needs. Employees can take tags and fulfill that need. Be sure to track how much money was raised and let everyone know at the holiday party.

As a variation on the giving tree, choose a local charity with a wish list and write items from the list on the tags. Employees bring in the gifts and place them under the tree, then select a few representatives from the office to deliver everything to the charity.

Another option is to have everyone bring in a small item or gift for the office party, and hold a silent auction. Ask employees ahead of time what charity the auction should sponsor, and watch the spirit of giving at work soar!

What is your office to inspire the spirit of giving this holiday season? Share your stories and pictures with us in the comments below!

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