D.I.Y. St. Patrick's Day Photo Backdrop

Thinking about hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party? Are you a teacher that’s looking to add a festive touch to your classroom? This DIY balloon clover photo backdrop created by The House That Lars Built is the perfect decor for those of you that want to add a cute, green touch to your St. Patrick’s Day holiday!

shamrock balloon tutorial


What You Need: Large piece of cardboard, Variety of green balloons, Fishing line, Tape, Low temperature hot glue gun, Green butcher paper, Greenery, Scissors, Marker, Heavy duty tape


  1. With a marker, trace a large clover shape onto your cardboard
  2. Cut it out with scissors
  3. Lay butcher green paper underneath the cardboard and trace around it
  4. cut the shamrock shape from the butcher paper
  5. Glue the butcher paper clover on to the top of your cardboard shape
  6. Blow up a variety of sizes and colors of green balloons
  7. Start attaching the biggest balloons first with heavy duty tape. To keep the shape of the shamrock, make sure they don’t dangle past the edges of the cardboard. Keep them inside the lines of your shamrock.
  8. Once you’ve started filling in the clover, use your glue gun to add smaller balloon layers on top.
  9. Stuff some greenery around the balloons and glue it down with your glue gun. You can even secure it with wire by making a hole in the cardboard and weaving the fishing wire through.
  10. To hang the clover, attach fishing line to the back of it with heavy duty tape and hang it form your ceiling or the wall.

Now that you have a great photo backdrop, get everyone to strike a pose in front of the clover and start snapping away! Use the free Share-Your-Photos app, to upload and share all the photos taken at your St. Patrick’s Day party with your own unique event ID. Don’t forget to back up your photos using Picture Keeper Connect! Tag us on social media with #PictureKeeper! We can’t wait to see all of your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! This simple yet fun craft is sure to be a hit!