Easy School Lunch Tips

First, find a good way to organize your child’s lunch into good portions. There are tons of different reusable organizers that you can purchase and use over and over again for lunches. Once you have a good way to organize the lunch, it’s time to portion out the food! Every child is different – some are picky eaters while others will eat whatever you give to them – so these are just simple suggestions that you can change to make it fit your child’s unique likes.


“Main course”

A lot of times you want to portion out your food to be a main protein, some fruit, something salty and something sweet! For what we’ll call the “main course,” this is where a lot of parents will include a sandwich. You can do the classic PBJ or try to mix it up to add something different for your child to enjoy. Try making a turkey and hummus wrap or pre-make some energy balls to get a good source of protein to keep your child energized for the rest of the school day. You could also do a homemade Lunchable of sorts with crackers, hams and cheeses or even create pizza roll ups! Pizza roll ups are fun and super easy. Layout a tortilla, spread pizza sauce evenly, add pepperoni, a mozzarella stick and roll them up. Easy and delicious!

Ladybug ladybird healthy lunch box, fun food art for kids

Fruit & Veggies

Not all kids want to eat their fruits and veggies so it’s nice to make it a little creative when adding these to lunches. With fruit, try adding it to skewers to make it a little more fun to your kid! They’ll have fun taking them off the skewers and it makes their lunchbox more colorful. Also, adding a little dipping option – like peanut butter for the apples or ranch for the veggies – will make them enjoy eating their fruits & veggies more.

Salty Snack

There are plenty of options to add something savory to your child’s lunches. A lot of parents will include pretzels or some sort of chips and crackers in their lunch. Some other great options would be crackers and hummus, homemade baked chips, and pasta salad.

close up of a school lunch


While not everyone wants to send dessert, it’s something fun for your child to look forward to with their lunch! Homemade pudding is a great option for this and easy to pack up. There are also healthier pre-packaged dessert options, such as some gummies or Justin’s different peanut butter products.

Have other good school lunch tips? Comment and share below! Don’t forget to check out all of our Picture Keeper products. They’re a back to school necessity to save all your favorite memories of the school year.