Family Road Trip Tips

Guest blog by Lexi Carr

The time of popsicles, fireworks, and school breaks is quickly coming upon us. With the arrival of summer comes the desire to hit the road with the family and celebrate freedom and fun.

For many, this may be the perfect time to visit a beach, a national park, or even just a fun-filled visit to relatives. Regardless of your destination, your choice of transportation plays an important role in the quality of the family’s vacation. Be sure to check out these great family road trip tips to make sure the whole trip is a success!

Do your research

Before hitting the road, remember to research your trip. Knowing how far the drive will be, how long the drive will take, and the best routes to get to your destinations will help you create a plan that will keep you and the whole family sane. Having a loose plan will help keep the drive on schedule and keep everyone happy.

If the drive looks long, look up interesting rest stops along the way. A drive across states or through the countryside could mean stopping in noteworthy towns or interesting landmarks. Each of those stops are great opportunities to create family memories that will last a lifetime – just be sure to take plenty of pictures!

Happy couple with teenage child traveling together

Prep your car

Depending on the size and quality of your family vehicle, it may be beneficial to rent a car for your road trip. Consider a fuel efficient vehicle like the Toyota Camry or a roomy Honda HR-V. If you decide to use your own, be sure to have it thoroughly checked and tuned-up before leaving. Make sure the tires have air, the fluids have been changed, and the air conditioner is perfect shape.

Also remember to pack your car with emergency supplies. A spare tire, jack, and tire iron will help with any flat tires fiascos, and a first aid kid can do wonders in a pinch. Always be prepared for the unexpected – nothing ruins family fun like being underprepared!

Child Car Safety Seat. Orange Car Seat Inside Small Family Van.

Bring your lunch

Snacks are staples to any road trip, so be prepared with a wide variety. Buying foods and treats like chips, sandwiches, cheese packets, fruits, and crudite are perfect for messy kids in the back seat. And if you buy before you leave, you can avoid all the begging for candy when you stop for gas!

Instead of eating at a restaurant, consider bringing food for a BBQ or a picnic. Pulling over at a rest stop with a grill or a grassy field or river is a great alternative to being cooped up indoors. Don’t forget to document the outdoor extravaganza with your phone – #RoadTripPicnic!

Pack your fun

Boredom is easily a road trip’s biggest enemy. The best way to beat it? Come prepared!

Bring enough electronics to keep the whole family happy – whether that means tablets, cell phones, or even a portable DVD player.

Consider downloading some great things to listen to along the ride – learn new things with entertaining podcasts, sing along to a perfect playlist, or lose yourself in an excellent audio book. Many of these can be downloaded for free, or can be easily accessed through Apps like Spotify or Audible.

Protect Your Photos

And of course, don’t lose a single moment of fun. Take plenty of pictures and save them with a Picture Keeper Connect for your phone. Picture Keeper Connect come in 3 different sizes (16gb, 32gb & 64gb), and give you the chance to save your precious photos, videos, and contacts directly from your smartphone. It will also easily clear up space for more memories on your road trip!

For those ready to share, access your pictures on any phone or device simply by plugging the Picture Keeper Connect in. View your photos, videos, phone numbers, and emergency contact information from any device and never miss a beat. Summer is around the corner, and it’s time to make memories that will last a lifetime!