Fun Ways to Spend Your Lunch Break

With so many of us working close to 12 hours every day, taking a one-hour lunch break for yourself is a must! Now even though you only have an hour (maybe only 30 minutes!) for lunch, you can still get in enough time to take a mental recharge, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and productive for the rest of the work day! The team at Picture Keeper is always looking for new and fun ways to spend our lunch break. Here are some of our favorites:

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1. Go out to Lunch with a Friend

If you are lucky enough to have a friend working or living close by, a great way to spend the afternoon is on a lunch date! Find a new place to check out and take a breather out of your day to catch up!

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2. Thrift Shopping

Need a little retail therapy? Thrift shopping is not only fun, but you never know what treasure you are going to find! Time to update your closet for summer!

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3. Take a Walk

With summer just around the corner, but the mild temperatures of spring still hanging around, a mid-day walk is a perfect way to de-stress. Spring pollen too much for you? A gym is also a great option if you prefer an indoor option with more variety of equipment and machines. Don’t have time during lunch? Grab a co-worker during the day and have a walking meeting instead!

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4. Netflix

Netflix doesn’t just have to be for the end of the day. With many shows running about 30 minutes long, it’s the perfect amount of time to get a quick break in and then get on with the day.

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5. Meditate

The work day can get busy between meetings and just trying to get all your tasks done. This can often leaving us feeling overwhelmed, less productive and less creative at work. Now with the help of technology, meditation is more accessible than ever before. A favorite app at Picture Keeper is Buddhify, which walks you through guided meditations depending on where you are and what you need. They even have options for a work break! There is a small purchase fee of $4.99, but it is well worth it! Learn more here!

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